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    As we move into the Fall and Winter here in South Florida our fishing begins to change. Typically starting in October “cooler” water temperatures arrive, which typically means fish will be more active longer. Unlike our summer months with high water temps which provide smaller windows of active feeding fish. With the cooler temperatures come less boaters and weekend warriors that are running around headed to the nearest sand bar, to jump in for a swim. The pace slows down and things just feel more calm even on a weekend. 

    Typically this time of year I tend to fish a little deeper water than normal particularly for Bonefish. In the middle part of the tides, wether it be rising or falling you can look a little deeper and have good success in finding “mudding” fish. The mudding fish can be a lot more aggressive to we placed fly. When the water falls low enough the fish are likely to tail! Which is my all time favorite way to catch a Bonefish. For these fish an 8wt or even a 7wt with a floating line, minimum 12′ leader with a light shrimp pattern fly, will give you the best chance and approach at the weary fish, when they are in very shallow water. 
  One thing I also stress is to slow down and fish. You see it time after time people jumping from spot to spot, and running all over the place. With the cooler temperatures, I stay longer as I don’t feel the need to “turn on the AC” like we have to do at times during the summer. I take my time and let certain flats “develop” throughout the tide and watch/wait for things to unfold. Fishing hard and not leaving any stone un turned. The main thing I can say is to slow down, cool water paired with cooler air temps can lead to HOT fishing if done right! 
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